Wedding Ice Sculptures

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Celebrate the day with a piece of art to reflect on. We do everything from center pieces to bars. Wow your loved ones with a unique piece of ice to commemorate your love.

Wedding Gallery

Corporate Ice Sculptures

Whether you are hosting a corporate party for your team, or a celebration for your clients. Let them how much you care by making an investment in their experience. Your guests will truly be amazed by our art work.

Corporate Gallery

Celebrations And Theme Ice Sculptures

If you have a theme for you party let us help you showcase it! We want to help you advertise your cause or the meaning of your event.

Theme Gallery

Bar and Food Service Ice Sculptures

At your party, everyone will be drawn to the food and the bar. This is the perfect opportunity to really add the wow factor to your event. Whether it is a food holder or a custom bar with a luge, we know your guests will be coming back for a top up.

Bar Gallery

Special Ice Decor

These are our unique pieces. Browse our special section to get an idea on what we are really capable of. If you are looking for something a bit different, this may just be the section for you!

Special Gallery

Festivals and Outdoor Displays

Our outdoor displays are fantastic for the Canadian climate. Given the nature of ice, our pieces often only last one night. When we go outdoors, it gives us an opportunity to create something that lasts. Our outdoor displays are often interactive ranging from trains to functional slides. Have a look!

Festivals Gallery